Can someone convert these numbers to money please?

I was looking at my LinkedIn profile and I almost forgot to update these numbers. Yeah yeah, so I’m very corporate. Truth is, I actually enjoy it. 🙂

I don’t hold the budget provision for the training team, nor do I take part in meetings about cost savings and money and such. But yet I wonder how much money I have saved OWC with these…

Relevant Achievements:
  • 25% average increase in training Retention Rate (2009 vs. 2010)
  • 90% average passing rate in both C3 and Product Training
  • 6% average improvement rate on C3 scores (Recruitment vs. end of 5-day V&A)
  • 13% average improvement rate on C3 scores (Recruitment vs. end of 10-day V&A)
  • 33% increase in SPH (sales per hour) from Q1 to Q2 2010 ­ through the Intervention Training Program and Floor Support
  • 100% Business Process Management System roll-out in February 2011
  • 190% increase in Conversion Rate (July 2011) through Inbound Sales Floor Support
  • 0% Trainer Attrition since 2009
[By the way, those aren’t negative signs. They just happen to be my theme’s bullet points.]

I haven’t computed for the improvement in attrition in 2011, nor the 60-day retention rate. Nor any other number. One day, I just might.

Seeing these numbers make me feel mighty proud of what I have done for OWC.


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