“It’s a [w]rap!” – Tambay MV Shoot

CB Automatic‘s music video shoot for Tambay finally happened this weekend. Big thanks to everyone who made it to the shoot–I know the locations were kinda challenging. However, that wasn’t the main concern. It was the weather. Thank you, Universe, for cooperating with us!

Thank you…

Jumbo De Belen | Cassie De Belen | Chrizo | Ninks Joson | Gene Roca | Yan Prado aka MC Quest | Neil Gutierrez aka OG-One | Rach Limjoco | Josamm Leano | Renz Ledesma | Celine Benares | Dia Cruz | Mike Opelanio | Eric Padilla | Marlon Calasin | Paul Binondo | Abby | Antonio Guskov | Dania Soan

With special participation: Clint van Opstal and friends | Basketball team from Maria Montessori

And of course, Stompworks Media: Adrian Arcega | Jay Arcega | Philip Roa | Paul


Some photos I’d like to share with you all:

The Stompworks team and some of us who cameo’d on the first day.

And then… I learned to skate! 😀

One up for Stompworks Media Studios for an awesome time. They made sure everything was gonna flow smoothly. AND IT DID! Awesome, awesome crew. Thank you.

Now, the waiting game. 🙂

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