Simple joys.

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.

– Hans Hofmann

  1. Sleeping beside Kaitlin and CB.
  2. Kaitlin and CB horsing around.
  3. Watching my daughter make new friends, and seeing what a nice little girl she turned out to be.
  4. Following some stray cat to find out what she’s up to.
  5. Bathrooms so clean, you can sleep on the floor.
  6. Stopping to save a kitten from the middle of a busy road.
  7. Watching my mom, my brother, and my aunt do their silly dance steps.
  8. Fresh laundry, crisp bed sheets, and fluffy pillows.
  9. Coffee – hot or cold, with milk and sugar.
  10. A new notebook or planner – with blank pages for new adventures.
  11. The smell of a new electronic equipment – whether mine or not – reminds me of my dad.
  12. Sitting in a coffee shop with a laptop or a book, feeling inspired.
  13. Anticipating new music, new music videos, and finally downloading the album for free.
  14. Free food, usually packed lunch brought by co-workers.
  15. Chewy dark chocolate chip cookies.
  16. Talking with friends about the Universe and its magic and magnitude.
  17. Hearing a nice Michelle Branch song on the radio just when you’re feeling somewhat down.
  18. Biking on a Sunday afternoon.
  19. Unexpected money – usually one that you’d find in your pockets or between book pages.
  20. Fish for breakfast / lunch / dinner.
  21. Watching the rain from inside your bedroom.
  22. A heartfelt text message from a loved-one – CB, Kaitlin, my mom, my dad.
  23. Seeing / hearing / smelling / feeling something that reminds me of my grandmother.
  24. Chatting with an old friend, the feeling that time doesn’t exist in friendship.
  25. Green mangoes and fish paste.
  26. That overall feeling of zen after a yoga class.
  27. Free tasting at the grocery store.
  28. Staring at the sky, cloud-watching. Or the big, bright moon at night time.
  29. Completing a Sudoku puzzle or winning a Solitaire game.
  30. Making people happy and helping them in a genuine way.

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